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Ham carving course

June 14th 2017 at Intercontinental Coex Hotel

Framed in the collaboration agreement between INTERPORC and the Korean Hotel Association, and with the aim of training the Korean hotel professionals, INTERPORC held a ham carving course with 30 attendees. The participants were cooks, waiters and room managers from 10 different Seoul hotels.

The ham carving course began with Daniel de Miguel, INTERPORC’s international manager, explaining the attendees about different theoretical questions, such as the variety of hams, the production process and the nutritional values of the ham.

After the theoretical part of the course, the well-known ham carving Master Sergio Bellido taught the students the practical part of the course: how to carve a ham leg, teaching the attendees different techniques and skills to maximize the flavor and qualities of the product, as well as sharing many invaluable tips he has learnt throughout his long and successful career.

Finally, the students obtained a diploma certificating their participation in the course, which gave them the knowledge and skills to introduce the Spanish ham in their hotel kitchens. Many of them showed their interest in keep getting training in the ham carving techniques and skills.