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Master Class at culinary school


Master class at culinary school.
April 28th at Netspace Culinary Arts School

As closure for the promotional activities in Vietnam, INTERPORC offered a cooking master class to more than 40 students from the prestigious NETSPACE. This school counts with 4 campuses in Vietnam (Hanoi, Danang, Dalat and Ho Chi Minh City) and over 4,000 students per year in total.

The main purpose of this event was to inform future Vietnamese Chefs about the strengths, benefits and properties of the Spanish pork meat, so they can get to know it and add it to their repertoire to use it in the future in his cuisines

To begin, INTERPORC’s international manager Daniel de Miguel offered an introduction to the Spanish white pork meat, touching different topics such as its quality and safety, its nutritional values and the different cuts that are available to export to Vietnam.
In the second part of event, the prestigious Vietnamese Chef Dieu Thao taught the students how to cook step by step three different recipes, all of them having Spanish white pork meat as main ingredient. After teaching the students how to use the Spanish white pork meat with the local products to improve the quality of the dishes, the students had the opportunity to taste the three recipes, showing satisfaction with the flavor of the dishes they tried.
Lastly, the students asked the Chef various questions that the Chef answered gladly.