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June 14th 2017 at Intercontinental Coex Hotel

On June 14th, INTERPORC signed a collaboration agreement with the Korean Hotel Association. With the signage of this collaboration agreement, both entities will be involved in the hotel professionals’ training and formation in the correct preparation and finishing of the Spanish white pork meat. As a part of this collaboration agreement, over thirty hotel professionals, where there were included cooks and Chefs from 10 different Seoul hotels, attended this masterclass event.

To begin the event, Daniel de Miguel, INTERPORC’s international manager, welcomed the hotel professionals and gave them an introduction to the Spanish white pork meat and its positive qualities and its blending capacity, so it can be put together with Korean ingredients to create new dishes and flavors.

After this, the cooks and Chefs participated in the masterclass leaded by the Michelin star Chef Kisko Garcia, who gave them tips and advices about how to improve the Spanish white pork strengths. In this masterclass, the distinguished Michelin star Chef taught the Korean cooks and Chefs how to prepare and elaborate the three recipes (Serrano ham croquettes with kimchi, Seoul express pork gyozas and lacquered pork belly) that he created for this visit to South Korea.

After two hours learning and experiencing the Spanish white pork cuisine applications, all the cooks and chefs tasted the recipes they had learned to cook from Kisko Garcia. The attendees showed their appreciation for the recipe’s flavor and texture.

After finishing the masterclass, the attendees received a diploma certifying that they had completed a masterclass learning how to cook the recipes from the Michelin star Chef Kisko Garcia.