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Meeting with bloggers

June 16th 2017 at Intercontinental Coex Hotel

To put an end to the promotional activities in South Korea in the year 2017, INTERPORC offered a private tasting in the well-known Intercontinental Coex Hotel kitchens to 11 bloggers with big media impact.

Daniel de Miguel, INTERPORC’s international manager, started the event by welcoming the bloggers and presenting what INTERPORC is, as well as its promotional activities and products that are promoted all around the globe through INTERPORC’s promotional efforts.

After, the ham carving Master Sergio Bellido offered the attendees a Serrano ham tasting and a carving show, where the attendees ate the Serrano ham that had been cut. The blogger could appreciate how the same ham leg can offer different flavors depending on the ham leg part that is cut and which technique is used to cut it.

In the last part of the event, the recognized Michelin star Spanish Chef Kisko Garcia offered a culinary performance with the Spanish white pork meat as protagonist. The bloggers had the chance to learn how to cook the presented recipes and even had the opportunity to participate in the preparation process. After finishing, the bloggers had the chance to taste the recipes, along with a Spanish wine selection.