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Participation in Food & Hotel Vietnam Fair

Participation in Food & Hotel Vietnam 2017 Fair.
April 25th- 26th – 27th

INTERPORC participated during the last week of April in the fair Food&Hotel Vietnam 2017. INTERPORC stand was located at a premium space within the Spanish Pavilion. The first reason to participate in the fair held in Ho Chi Minh City was to provide institutional support and help to the Interprofessional associates taking part in the event. The second reason, but not less important, was to promote and showcase the strengths and goodness of the Spanish white pork meat in the Vietnamese market.

The visitor’s profile was diverse, with the presence of importers, distributors, retailers, restaurants and culinary schools. This, along with the high number of potential consumers of Spanish white pork meat in Vietnam, which total population amounts for 91,7 millions of people, are the main reasons why INTERPORC decided to have presence in this fair.

For this fair, and following the trend implemented this year, INTERPORC had the invaluable help of the recognized Vietnamese Chef Dieu Thao, who helped to promote the Spanish pork meat products, as well as its nutritional values, through three different recipes that she cooked for the duration of INTERPORC’s visit to Vietnam. The first recipe consisted in baked Serrano ham, the second recipe had as main ingredient tenderloin, accompanied by green peppers and the third recipe was rolled pork loin with bacon.

The show cooking was attended by around 400 people who had the chance to taste the dishes prepared by the Chef. Also, during the fair duration, the attendees were offered a varied range of cold meats (chorizo, lomo, salchichón, etc) for tasting. The attendees also enjoyed the presence of the Ham carving Master Sergio Bellido, who performed carving shows in front of a numerous audience while explaining the advantages of consuming Spanish white pork meat and the production process of Serrano ham.  The attendees were expectant to try the flavor of the Serrano ham and showed satisfaction with the flavor of the Serrano ham and the cold meats after tasting them.