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April 24th at Caravelle Hotel

To start the promotional activities in Vietnam, one of the markets targeted by INTERPORC’s promotion activities planned for 2017, a showroom was organized in the prestigious Caravelle Hotel.

The showroom started with an introduction by INTERPORC’s international manager Daniel de Miguel, where he explained to the attendance what INTERPORC is, its mission and its promotional activities, as well as other topics related with the Spanish white pork meat, such as its safety and quality.

Following INTERPORC’s introduction, the Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Spanish Embassy in Vietnam, Jose Antonio Bretones, gave a speech about the trade relations between Spain and Vietnam and the pork meat’s actual situation.

After this introduction to INTERPORC and the Spanish white pork meat, the famous Vietnamese Chef Dieu Thao cooked 3 different recipes using Spanish white pork products, explaining the attendees how to use and cook them so they get the most out of the product.
Once the Chef finished cooking, the Interprofessional associates attending the event had the opportunity to meet and talk with different Vietnamese importers and distributors that were invited to the event, while they tasted the recipes prepared by the Chef.