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The Spanish Pork Night

June 13rd 2017 at Intercontinental Coex Hotel

As the starting point for INTERPORC’s promotional activities in South Korea in 2017, 3rd consecutive year that INTERPORC visits this market, an event called “The Spanish Pork Night” was held at the prestigious Intercontinental Coex Hotel in Seoul.

The night started with Daniel de Miguel, INTERPORC’s international manager, addressing the audience, composed by a majority of Korean importers, to present them INTERPORC and its promotional activities, as well as explaining the strengths and positive aspects of the Spanish white pork meat, within which its quality and safety stands out. After this introduction, the commercial aggregate of the Spanish commercial office in South Korea, Jose Manuel Freijo, gave a speech about the trade relations between Spain and South Korea, as well as the pork meat’s situation in the country.

Over a hundred attendees had the opportunity to see Kisko Garcia, the recognized Spanish Chef awarded with a Michelin star and two Repsol Suns, perform a showcooking. In this showcooking, the talented and acclaimed Chef taught the audience how to cook three recipes that he specifically designed for INTERPORC’s visit to South Korea: Serrano ham croquettes with kimchi, Seoul express pork gyozas and lacquered pork belly.
In these recipes, Kisko Garcia mixed the best of the Korean cuisine and the best of Spanish White pork meat to elaborate tapas that delighted those who tasted them.

Last, but not least, the attendees witnessed a ham carving performance by the carving Master Sergio Bellido, who carved Serrano ham and offered it to the attendees, who could taste the Spanish Serrano ham, while Sergio Bellido explained them about the ham elaboration process and its nutritional values.